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How to Make Jamaican Hard Food (Hard provisions) -1 hour

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Growing up as a Jamaican, eating hard food (ground provisions) with breakfast, lunch and dinner was not uncommon. Jamaican track athletes often attribute their speed and success "to di hard food" insinuating that ground vegetables and dumplings make us strong and have more stamina than other athletes. Personally, I think that if you grew up on an island or in any 3rd world location, there's a good chance that you have high access to local and naturally organic foods as opposed to your 1st world counterparts. Thus, making you naturally more healthy and able to withstand hard physical labor and sport activities.

Today, we'll be making a custom version of "Hard Food" or hard provisions.

We'll be swapping out Jamaican red skin sweet potatoes for organic Japanese potatoes because I find that the Japanese sweet potatoes have a similar taste to Jamaican Sweet Potatoes and they are organic. Unfortunately, the Jamaican red skin sweet potatoes I have access to are not organic and often don't seem fresh. However, feel free to visit your local Jamaican market to grab your Jamaican sweet potatoes if you feel that they are fresh and good enough to consume. We also won't be using yellow yam in this recipe, however I do give instructions on when to add it to your pot for boiling. The notes will also include storing, peeling and chopping instructions for the yellow yam. Lastly, we will be using green bananas, organic kabocha squash or Jamaican pumpkin and spelt flour to making our dumplings. Overall, this is a healthier alternative to your traditional hard food recipe. Enjoy!


Instructional Video

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