With every life change, us humans tend to stray from our mission the closer we get to the finish line. This is called resistance. This is something that we all experience when we are trying to better ourselves and that's why I'm offering my personal support to you. Because having the right type of support is key. This is your chance to work with me one-on-one to uncover your body type, put together a meal plan based on your imbalances, recommend a herbal regimen that works uniquely for you, and support you in staying on track with your health goals.


This order includes:

1. 1-hour long one-on-one Body Type Call with Trudy


Please note:

After purchasing, you will receive a PDF with questions that you will need to answer via email before the call as well as a link to schedule the call.

Uncover Your Body Type Call

  • Uncover Your Body Type Call

    • 1- hour long Zoom call
    • Discover your true dosha and current imbalances
    • Learn what foods balance your body out
    • Get herbal recommendations that suit your needs
    • Learn what lifestyle and activity level will balance your body out and leave you with more energy and vitality for life
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