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want to work with us?

here's our process...

Step 1: Get to Know the Brand or Creator

We love collaborating with brands and other conscious creators to bring our unique visions to life. But, since we only work with people we vibe with, the first step in this process is to get to know you. Before accepting any business collaborations, we thoroughly get an understanding of your brand, the audience you serve, and how we can best serve each other. Doesn’t hurt to have a little fun while we’re at it too.

Step 2:

Create Content Outline

At the center of quality content is planning. Before hitting record, we love to brainstorm on which video concepts would best suit our brand, your product or service, or if you’re a creator, your personal brand message. We outline key messages that we’d like to convey throughout the video or in the picture and share them with you. We are open to suggestions although we really enjoy creative freedom because that’s when we do our best work.

Step 3:

Create the content

Whether we’re doing recipe creation, making a health-related informational video, a story time, or even a vlog, content creation is by far our favorite part of the process. We finally get to make our visions a reality and of course make you look good too.

Step 4: Post-Production

Believe it or not, post-production takes 80% of our time. It gives us a chance to put our own spin on otherwise very monotonous information.

Step 5: Post & Share

 One of the most important factors to a successful video is content promotion. When we post a video on Youtube, we share a clip of it on Insta-stories and we post a feed picture along with a caption that references the video topic. We also post the feed picture and caption to Facebook and we share it with our Private Facebook Group. If our collaboration is via our Podcast, all these steps still apply. Repetition without annoyance is key with building an engaged audience so if we deem it appropriate, we will promote the content a second time throughout the day or the day after it is released. We will be sure to email you the link to the content and any product pictures that we may have so that you can share it with your audience as well.

Work with Us

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